About Man Church....

Meets every Sunday night from 5:30-7:00PM

Food & Fellowship before each study. 

Man church is designed to be an ongoing discipleship process to create an accountability network that trains and equips men to be the leaders they are called to be. This is done through 40 weeks broken down into 5-week studies with a 2-3 week at the end of each study.

The Pursuit challenges men to model their lives and their manhood after Jesus. The goal is simple: if we are to become the men God intends us to be, we must pattern our lives after the example set by God when he became a man

Each session starts with a 12-15 minute video featuring Rick Burgess's teaching. Followed by an interactive discussion and Bible Study that is led by a different man every 5 weeks planned ahead of time.


Influence (April 8th- May 5th)

A Glimpse of Our Mens Ministry:

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